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 Argumentacion items

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MensajeTema: Argumentacion items   Vie Nov 02, 2007 6:28 am

All the information you would want to know about Weapon Augmentation can be found on our website here.
However here is a step0by-step guide of how to augment items.

You can augment items at most blacksmiths. For this I went to Pushkin in Giran:

Select Augment Weapon:

This Brings up the Augment Window. You need to drag and drop the needed items from your inventory In order into this window, into the corresponding square.

Watch its easy. First I choose a Sword of Miracles.

Next add the Life Stone: (obtained from Louie the Cat)

It then asks for 20 Gemstone C (25 For S grade)
These can be purchased in the Giran Grocery Shop.

Now you are ready to Augment. Press the Augment Button and the magic happens:

If it is a success your weapon will have new stats:

Remember you can't pick what things will be added in the augmentation process. If you don't like what you got, you can remove it (for a small amount of adena)
Also once it is augmented, it cant be traded or dropped.

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Argumentacion items
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